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Chicago Polygraph Institute (CPI) is an accredited institution offering comprehensive polygraph examiner training to the private, public, and law enforcement sectors around the world.

The CPI polygraph examiner training course is fully accredited by the International League of Polygraph Examiners (ILPE) and complies with the standards of the ASTM International.


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The CPI polygraph examiner training course is now offered in EUROPE.

CPI conducts polygraph examiner training in Ukraine and the European Union, catering primarily to trainees from Europe, Asia, and Africa. CPI is represented in Europe, Asia, and Africa by ARGO-A - the most reputable and prominent lie detection firm in the region.

CPI students are entitled to special educational discounts on polygraphs.

As a result of negotiations between CPI and ARGO-A, CPI students from the former USSR countries purchasing Lafayette Instrument Company polygraph equipment via CPI are entitled to a special educational discount.

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Welcome to the official website of the Chicago Polygraph Institute! We applaud your decision to master the art of lie detection using the polygraph, and to become a professional polygraph examiner.

Our extensive knowledge of the history of lie detection and the polygraph, passion for psychophysiological deception detection, respect of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established by the International League of Polygraph Examiners, and the American Polygraph Association, unsurpassed international experience in polygraph examiner training and polygraph testing, and the understanding and respect of business practices in other cultures serve as the catalyst that propels the Chicago Polygraph Institute to the level of one of the world's leading polygraph institutions.

The Chicago Polygraph Institute was established in Chicago - the world's lie detection capital of the 20th century, and in close proximity to Lafayette Instrument Company - the global leader in the manufacture of polygraphs. This amplifies our sense of responsibility for continuing the successful history of our predecessors, and inspires us to achieve new global heights in the realm of lie detection.

In order to attain global hegemony the Chicago Polygraph Institute closely collaborates with leading global lie detection and security organizations and experts.

International League of Polygraph Examiners (USA) - a voluntary professional polygraph association composed of highly qualified polygraph examiners in the private, law enforcement and government sectors from around the world. The Chicago Polygraph Institute polygraph examiner training course is fully accredited by the International League of Polygraph Examiners. All Chicago Polygraph Institute instructors are members of the International League of Polygraph Examiners - one of the largest international associations of lie detection specialists.

Argo-A (Ukraine) - recognized leader in the field of lie detection in Europe. Director of Argo-A, Dr. Andrii Volyk, is one of the most experienced and well known polygraph examiners in Europe, and is the most frequently mentioned and quoted by the media worldwide. Furthermore, Dr. Volyk is the universally recognized creator of Ukraine's lie detection market, owner of the world's largest collection of lie detectors and polygraphs, the largest polygraph photo gallery in the world, and Europe's best lie detection library. Argo-A is the exclusive representative of Lafayette Instrument Company in the former USSR countries. For his contribution to the development of lie detection, in 2005 Argo-A was appointed the exclusive representative of the Chicago Polygraph Institute in Europe, and in 2010 - also in Asia and Africa.

Lafayette Instrument Company (USA) - global leader in the manufacture of polygraphs that produced its first lie detector in the early 1950's. In 1973 Lafayette Instrument Company revolutionized the lie detection market by creating the first polygraph (PGS) in the world that embodied the wishes of all polygraph examiners. In 2007 Lafayette Instrument Company invented the first wireless computerized polygraph in the world, and in 2008 developed the ultramodern portable lie detector (PCASS) for the Pentagon. Their currently manufactured computerized polygraphs LX6-S, LX5000-S, and LX4000-S are the world's most advanced lie detectors. Moreover, under the stewardship of its experienced scientist-polygraph examiner, dubbed by the experts "the future of lie detection", Lafayette Instrument Company heads the creation of progressive and valid scoring algorithms. As a result of negotiations between Lafayette Instrument Company, Chicago Polygraph Institute, and Argo-A, Chicago Polygraph Institute students, acquiring Lafayette polygraphs via Chicago Polygraph Institute are entitled to a special educational discount.

Argo-A Security (USA) - a multinational company providing a wide range of the most advanced and effective security products and services available for government agencies, law enforcement, commercial enterprises, and high-profile individuals. Chicago Polygraph Institute and Argo-A Security offer integrated and comprehensive security solutions to their clients around the world.

American Polygraph Association (USA) - the first and the largest association of polygraph examiners in the world. All instructors/polygraph examiners of Chicago Polygraph Institute are graduates of polygraph schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association and they are also Associate Members of the APA. If necessary, Chicago Polygraph Institute trains polygraph examiners in collaboration with polygraph schools accredited by the American Polygraph Association. Although our instructors have graduated from APA accredited schools and are Associate Members of the APA, the Chicago Polygraph Institute is not accredited by the APA nor does it seek to be.

The polygraph, more known as the lie detector, invented by Dr. John Larson in 1921 in the American city of Berkeley, California, is officially considered one of the greatest inventions in human history. Dr. Leonarde Keeler is the most prominent polygraph examiner of all time and one of the world's foremost scientific criminologists. In 1925, Dr. Keeler perfected Dr. Larson's polygraph by adding to it a metal bellows (tambour) and a kymograph, and in 1931 he invented the famous Keeler Polygraph, which became the most widely used polygraph in the world for the next three decades. In 1936, Dr. Keeler added a psychogalvanometer to his polygraph; this version of Dr. Keeler's polygraph was the prototype of the modern polygraph. In addition to improving the polygraph, Dr. Keeler is also credited with numerous contributions to the polygraph examination technique. In 1948 Leonarde Keeler founded the Keeler Polygraph Institute in Chicago - the first polygraph school in the world.

To us Dr. Keeler is the model of decency and integrity, self-fulfillment, devotion to his profession, and constant striving to perfect himself, the polygraph, psychophysiological deception detection, and polygraph examiner training methods.

Chicago Polygraph Institute makes its own contribution to the development of lie detection. Flexible pricing policy, scrupulous selection of candidates for training, individual approach to every client, availability of historic and training polygraphs, polygraph library, and photo gallery in a training class room, training in any language through an interpreter, in any country, choice of group or individualized (one-on-one with an instructor) training - is what distinguishes and differentiates Chicago Polygraph Institute from other polygraph schools. Therefore, Chicago Polygraph Institute makes it possible for all competent candidates to obtain elite polygraph training from anywhere in the world regardless of the country's standards of living.

We look forward to introducing you to the art and science of the psychophysiological detection of deception!